It’s difficult to explain my eagerness to sit out in the cold for days at a time when people ask. More often or not I try to convince them to watch a sunrise, wait for the galaxy core to rise over the horizon or hike into a valley to watch a storm pass through. When you’ve done this, hopefully my actions are more understandable. My ventures into the wilderness are a great excuse to escape modern society and allow me to relax and refocus my attention.

I first discovered my love for landscape photography when visiting the coastal area of Formby back in 2012 on a drizzly, winters day. I expected very little photographically but after a short period I began to gain confidence in my compositions. Rocks started to become features and waves began to spike my curiosity as they crashed towards me. The rest is history as they say.

Starting in the following Spring I began making longer, further trips specifically for landscape photography. I’ve visited much of the National Parks within the UK and even had the pleasure of shooting in some iconic locations such as Iceland, Norway, the Dolomites in Italy and much more. For me there is nothing more rewarding that pitching a tent in the middle of nowhere and anticipating a spectacular sunrise. With some patience, a flask of coffee and a little bit of luck (Ok, a lot of luck!) you can really get creative!

Please look through my portfolios. Following this you’re more than welcome to ‘Contact me’ for a discussion on landscape photography or enquire about the ‘Prints’ that are available.