Hi, i’m Matthew.

I’m a relaxed kind of guy living in Great Harwood, an ideal spot with several national parks just a short drive away. But I’d still admit Pendle Hill, Clitheroe is my favourite venture and much closer to home. I’ve lived and breathed photography since 2010. I remember a good friend passed me her professional camera one day and I began photographing everything. I was constantly attempting to beat my previous works and before long, bought my own camera.

I’ve experimented with various genres in photography but always had a fond and curious interest in weddings. Capturing a couples big day is considered a huge commitment by a photographer, I see it as an exciting challenge. Ensuring each wedding is unique to that couple and allowing their individualism to really come through in the photographs.

During my career I have gained a B.A. (Hons) in photography and continued onto complete my teaching qualifications. In addition to this I have worked in various commercial studios across the North-West giving me a well rounded approach to photography.

As a child, I was lucky enough to travel around Europe frequently with my family. My nostalgia for this time evokes a feeling of wanderlust. The desire to travel further has taken me to Norway, Iceland, Morocco, Cape Town, across Europe, South-East Asia and more in recent years. I have also invested time into places much closer to home, there is nothing quite like exploring Lancashire and Yorkshire as a landscape photographer.

Please ‘Contact me‘ for any further information or just for a chat about photography, I’m always happy to!

Portrait of Matthew Savage